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About STARE.tv

STARE.tv creates and produces Original television programming featuring the beautiful STARE Models.

Antonio Gallippi Executive Producer
Antonio had his first photo published nearly two decades ago at age 15. He has been shooting professionally since 2001 with the digital revolution.

Antonio began assisting several of the top photographers in Atlanta, where he learned technical lighting and artistic posing techniques. He invested in some professional grade digital equipment and strobe lights, and setup a small studio in his home. He quickly developed a niche passion for the swimsuit market, and began working with many of the top amateur swimsuit models in the Southeast.

In 2003 Antonio launched StareMagazine.com, a daily online magazine for swimsuit and lingerie models. He quickly gained a solid reputation working with many of the top models who reached the National levels of swimsuit pageants like Hawaiian Tropic and Hooters. Within 24 months STARE had become the largest daily e-magazine in the world for swimsuit and lingerie models, with more original content online than FHM or Maxim.

Antonio began producing television shows in 2004. The first television series was for an upstart independent men’s cable network called MavTV, which wanted attractive female content to compete with SpikeTV, owned by Viacom. The series entitled “STARE Magazine: Bikini Models” showcased an unscripted look at swimsuit and lingerie photoshoots.

Antonio was the casting director for the MavTV original series “Best of the Best 2” which featured 10 swimsuit models in a reality competition, filmed on location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In 2006 Antonio created his second series entitled “Bikini All-Stars” which is co-produced with MavTV. “Bikini All-Stars” showcases only the top swimsuit models doing photoshoots and partying afterdark, and includes behind-the-scenes action and interviews with the models.
Antonio discovered and photographed Playboy Centerfolds Tiffany Selby (left) and Raquel Gibson (right) years before they were published in major mens magazines.

Carl Verna Director
After establishing an enduring career in New York City working with top talent like Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, and Busta Rhymes, the writer, producer, and director has returned to Orlando.

Currently, he and his partner, Patrick Stein, are gearing up for phase two after having finished pitching a reality show entitled My Hood, for VH1.

Meanwhile, Carl has kept busy working on music videos artists like Sisqo, Elephant Man, Cuban Link, Dru Hill and N.O.R.E., while also while writing a script for a feature length film.

Shawn Elliot Musical Artist
In an industry where conformity is a standard practice, Shawn Elliot has distinguished himself as a rebellious artist walking the fine line between creative and commercial. In doing so, he has been able to establish a loyal fan base of people that would not normally listen to “hip-hop”, thus reaching a market the current state of the genre fails to satisfy. Many established musicians and industry professionals have realized the potential in Shawn Elliot and his unique ability to reach an incredibly diverse audience.

Along with local clubs, Shawn has performed at several festivals and larger venues including the Hollywood Band Shell and most notably being part of the opening act for The Backstreet Boys at Sound Advice Amphitheater in West Palm Beach.

With the talent and knowledge to produce, engineer and perform, as well as the ability to create music that people from every culture and every genre can appreciate, Shawn Elliot is the perfect all inclusive artist, eager to share his talent with the world.


Milka Musical Artist
MILKA is a phenomenon that captivates every audience with an all out vocal assault backed by brutally polished drums and Latin spiced percussion. Rumbling bass groves fused with precise guitars only add to the depth of this band's incredibly unique, yet catchy sound. Their performances of sheer force and vigor are buffered by the feminine poise and confidence in bilingual front-woman Milkanette Ramos. Each song is a story sung in a style that will give you goose bumps and provoke emotions stronger than current mainstream acts like Shakira, No Doubt, Evanescence, and Garbage.

With less than a couple of years in the public eye, they've attracted product sponsorships and coveted spots as opening support for national and international performers. In recent history the band has played at hotspots such as in Hawaii, The Virgin Islands, all over the East and West coasts and big gigs like the Orlando Stop of the 2003 Vans Warped Tour and WJRR’s second stage at EDBD XI and XIII. In Spring of 2006 they toured Puerto Rico opening for a major Latin band ‘La Secta Allstar’ and the show was brought back to Orlando a few months later to a sold out crowd at the House of Blues.


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