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The Girls of STARE in HD (Season 1)

Imagine being the first to discover the most beautiful girls in the world. Imagine going behind the scenes for an intimate experience with these incredible women destined to be cover girls as they perform for their freshest video and photo sessions.

If you have spent any time perusing StareMagazine.com you quickly realize that this is perhaps one of the webís best secrets. The Girls of STARE offers a showcase of incredibly beautiful girls on their way up to becoming highly recognized models.

The Girls of STARE is presented in Hi-Definition 1080i with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Music by Shawn Elliot

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Season 1 Episode Guide
Episode 1
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Amber Lancaster, Tiffany Selby, Karla Griffin, Blakeley Shea, and Kerriana

Episode 2
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Charity Hodges, Leigh Nguyen, Lauren Brooke, Tiffany Selby, Mandy Ashford, and Breanne Ashley.

Episode 3
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Ashley Williams, Shana Prevette, Natasha Tagai, Renee Baker, Tiffany Selby, Lauren Fuller, and Jennifer LaFleur.

Episode 4
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Jessica Barton, Stacie Sullivan, Erica Patron, Ashley Winston, Ashley Gellar, Nichole Jackson, and Ericka Underwood.

Episode 5
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Jessica Lowman, Shannon Tate, Amanda Williams, Ashley Winston, Carolyn Kean, Stephanie Taylor, and Jessica Jones.

Episode 6
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots from Costa Rica. Starring: Cirene Fernandez, Hellen Jimenez, Johanna Monestel, and Andrea Leon.

Episode 7
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots, Girlfriends style. Starring: Anna Burns & Jessica Barton, Jennifer Copeland & Danielle Napolitano, Nichole Jackson & Ericka Underwood, Ashley Ryan & Shannon Tate, and Ashley Geller & Stacie Sullivan.

Episode 8
Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoots. Starring: Alise Dippolito, Brittany Godwin, Jaycelle Propst, Jessica Lanzon, Blakeley Shea, Abby Sessoms, and Shana Prevette.

Host Biography
Lauren Brooke       Orlando, FL

Lauren began as a swimsuit model, and she now works full-time as a spokesmodel for various clients. She has appeared in numerous commercials, ad campaigns, billboards, and catalogs. She is also a network VJ for MavTV.

Lauren has a Bachelorís Degree in Communications from the University of Central Florida.

Model Biographies

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Abby Sessoms       Charlotte, NC

Abby enjoys sports such as basketball and volleyball. She also likes traveling through Europe.

Alise Dippolito       West Chester, PA

Alise works for Hooters and she also models part-time.

Amanda Williams       Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Born and raised in Baltimore, Amanda was a former Miss Maryland Teen USA and has modeled fashions in New York.

Amber Lancaster       Los Angeles, CA

Originally from Seattle, Amber was a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks for 5 years. She is now pursuing modeling and acting full-time.

Andrea Leon       Costa Rica

Andrea is a student and model in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Anna Burns       Fayetteville, NC

Anna is a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic International, and she enjoys auto racing and basketball. Anna was featured on STARE's covers in September 2005 and October 2006.

Ashley Gellar       Palm Harbor, FL

Ashley earned her Bachelorís Degree in News Broadcasting at the University of South Florida in Tampa by the age of 20. She is now a real estate agent and model.

Ashley Ryan       Orlando, FL

Ashley enjoys football, wakeboarding, and partying. She is a full-time model in Florida.

Ashley Williams       Greenville, SC

Ashley is a fresh-faced model with a hidden wild side.

Ashley Winston       Winston-Salem, NC

Ashley has a sultry look and seductive personality. She likes chasing bad-boys, especially guys with Harleys.

Blakeley Shea       Cornelius, NC

Blakeley is a southern girl with a striking Cindy Crawford look. Blakeley loves to cook, exercise, and of course party on the weekends.

Breanne Ashley       Newnan, GA

Born and raised in Georgia, Breanne was one of the original models that helped launch STARE in 2003. Breanne is a fun-loving sweet southern girl that enjoys all types of sports.

Brittany Godwin       Inverness, FL

Brittany is studying to be a skin care specialist and she models part-time. She likes country music as well as hip-hop.

Carolyn Kean       Atlanta, GA

Carolyn is a full-time student and also works as a bartender on the weekends

Charity Hodges       Los Angeles, CA

Originally from Tampa, Charity made a living at bikini contests while she completed her Bachelors degree. Charity works full-time as a TV host and model. Charity was featured on STARE's cover in August 2005.

Cirene Fernandez       Costa Rica

Cirene is a full-time model living in Costa Rica.

Danielle Napolitano       Orlando, FL

Danielle is from an Italian and Spanish heritage. She is a party animal!

Erica Patron       Charlotte, NC

Originally from Florida, Erica enjoys water skiing and wake boarding. She also likes fast cars and rock-n-roll.

Ericka Underwood       Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ericka is a non-stop social queen who always makes everyone laugh. She wins bikini contests on a regular basis, and her best asset helped her win $2500 and the title of "Best Butt on South Beach".

Hellen Jimenez       Costa Rica

Helen is a secretary and model living in Costa Rica.

Jaycelle Propst       Orlando, FL

Born and raised in South Africa, Jaycelle loves dance music, basketball, and racecar driving. She is 100% Dutch.

Jennifer Copeland       Miami, FL

Jennifer grew up in Dalton, Georgia, with her mom and sister. She loves to cook, travel, and watch scary movies.

Jennifer LaFleur       Canton, GA

Jennifer is a natural beauty with a love for fast cars and tall muscular men.

Jessica Barton       Orlando, FL

Jessica grew up in Cocoa Beach, FL, and has a passion for fast cars. Jessica is a TV host on ESPN2 and she often races her own 800-hp Supra. Jessica was featured on STARE's covers in November 2005 and October 2006.
Jessica Jones       Centerville, OH

Jessica was a competitive cheerleader for 9 years before starting her modeling career. She enjoys swimming, dancing, and going to car shows.

Jessica Lanzon       Sanford, FL

Jessica is a full-time model. She enjoys rock music, traveling, and waterskiing.

Jessica Lowman       Charlotte, NC

Jessica's sophisticated style has landed her numerous modeling jobs in exotic locations while she finishes her college degree.

Joanna Monestel       Costa Rica

Joanna is a full-time model in Costa Rica.

Karla Griffin       Las Vegas, NV

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Karla is a southern girl with a lovable whimsical personality.

Kerriana       Atlanta, GA

Kerriana is one of the original models that helped launch STARE in 2003. Kerri models full-time and she also loves to help new models get started.

Lauren Brooke       Orlando, FL

Lauren Brooke is a fan-favorite swimsuit model who never stops smiling. Lauren's work with STARE has helped launched her career to new highs. Lauren was featured on STARE's Christmas cover in December 2005.
Lauren Fuller       Tuscumbia, AL

Lauren is a sultry petite model with a southern twang. She loves hip-hop and rap music.

Leigh Nguyen       Dallas, TX

Leigh is a quiet but sultry model with a Thai heritage.

Mandy Ashford       Orlando, FL

Originally from Mississippi, Mandy was a pop singer in the band Innosense. Her music popularity got her discovered by Playboy, which began her modeling career. Mandy was featured on STARE's cover in May 2004.

Natasha Tagai       Las Vegas, NV

Tasha is a wild party girl with a love for hard rock.

Nichole Jackson       Fort Lauderdale, FL

Born and raised in Texas, Nichole is a huge sports fan, especially for the Dallas Cowboys. Nichole's favorite travel destination is Las Vegas.

Renee Baker       Atlanta, GA

Renee is a super-outgoing ball of energy who loves to work hard and play hard. She is finishing her degree in Elementary Education.

Shana Prevette       Charlotte, NC

Shana's beautiful looks have won her numerous pageants and titles. She is a huge fan of NASCAR, and anything involved with racing. Shana was featured on STARE's Christmas cover in December 2004.

Shannon Tate       Orlando, FL

Shannon is a full-time model who loves rock concerts and waterskiing.

Stacie Sullivan       Opp, AL

Stacie was born and raised in a small town in Alabama. She owns and manages her own cosmetics store. Stacie loves traveling to Miami and other tropical places.

Stephanie Taylor       Ocoee, FL

Stephanie loves animals, artistic expression, and scary movies.

Tiffany Selby       Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Tiffany was discovered by STARE in 2004. Her outstanding beauty and figure have landed her an upcoming Playboy centerfold pictorial. Tiffany was featured on STARE's covers in August 2004 and June 2005.

Season 1 Credits
Executive Producer Antonio Gallippi

Co-Producer Jason Blanchard

Director Carl Verna

Camera Operators Ryan Poirier

Post Production Tailfin Productions

Post Production Supervisor Chad Roberts

Graphics and Animation James Owens

Editor Herbie Valentine

On-line Editor Jon McIntosh

Assistant Editors Amanda Pack
Bethany Bodenhamer

Audio Editor Joel Kamins

Theme Music by Milka
Shawn Elliot

Additional Music by Gabe Mintz
Fool Proof Plan

Still Photographers Antonio Gallippi
Rick Hughes
Andy McFarland
Brad Patton

Artists and Stylists Laura Jean Angelone
Kathleen Marsh
Danielle Broome
Nancy Hancock

Production Assistants Joelle Pittman

Wardrobe provided by Playthongs
Dangerous Surves Swimwear

Series concept by Antonio Gallippi
Charles Locke Jr

Distributed by Markwell Media

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